The “Holy Grail” battery is a type of battery that is known as a great innovation in the field of battery technology. These batteries are actually lithium anode batteries that have 10 times the capacity of commercial graphite batteries and can dramatically increase the driving distance of electric vehicles.

The research team at Harvard University behind the new design claim their solid-state cell could revolutionize electric cars and smartphones by significantly increasing their range and capacity while reducing charging time.

The research team was able to solve the problems of this type of battery by using micron-sized silicon particles placed in the anode of the battery. In their design, lithium metal wraps around a silicon particle, like a hard chocolate shell around a hazelnut core in a chocolate truffle.

Using a sealed version of the battery, the size of a postage stamp, the researchers showed that it could retain 80 percent of its capacity after 6,000 cycles—a performance that surpasses other solid-state batteries available today. There is a market, much better.

After their discovery, Professor Lee and his team have licensed the technology through a Harvard subsidiary, Adden Energy, in hopes of commercializing it. A paper detailing the research, titled “Rapid cycling of lithium metal in solid-state batteries by compressible anode materials,” was published this week in the scientific journal Nature Materials.

In short, you can expect to charge the battery of your Xbox or Surface laptop in less than two minutes and maintain this quality and performance for decades. It is expected that these batteries will soon reach commercial production and will transform the world of batteries for digital devices, because they not only have unique capabilities, but also have the possibility of much higher affordability, and recyclability than existing batteries in the market. Stay with Windows Center and get the latest news from the world of technology and Microsoft.

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